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Our season menu

Experience the wilderness with all your senses

In season right now

We craft our menus using in-season northern flora and fauna, and constantly try fresh ways to bring traditional northern ingredients into contemporary cooking.

Nothing tastes better than a locally sourced dinner with the midsummer sun flickering in the splashes of the river. In the winter, a crackling fire in the hearth keeps you warm and cozy as the polar night outside reaches subzero temperatures.

Let us take you on a journey through the pure northern landscape through our dishes.


On the menu

From the nature around us

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Food from the forest, drink from the nature

Our menu is built around what is in season and locally sourced, and it changes two times a year to reflect the changes in nature. Have a look through our seasonal menu and book your table with us.

Aanaar menu

Local food from Inari area

Aanaar Menu 3

  • paljakka

    Reindeer heart tartare, egg yolk and tarragon emulsion, pear relish and beetroot chips

Wine: Touraine Renaissance Prè Baron

Non-alcoholic: Cranberry and cherry lemonade


    45°C sous-vide catch of the day from Lake Inari, summer potatoes, broccolini, crab sauce and trout skin chip

Wine: Perrières Monopole

Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice

  • kultasuoni

    Lemon sponge, blueberry sabayon, aerated chocolate, marinated cloudberries, nut nuggets, beetroot soil

Wine: Ainoa Valokki

Non-alcoholic: Chamomile & orange iced tea

  • Price 68€
  • Wine package 33€
  • Non-alcoholic 18€
  • paljakka

    Paljakka is the summit area of a fell rising above the tree line. Reindeer herds usually seek open and windy areas during the mid summer period, to escape the summer insects.

  • kasari

    The largest open water area of Lake Inari, where the opposite shore is not visible. The red-fleshed catches of Lake Inari are trout and Arctic char.

  • kultasuoni

    A hotel has been located at this site since 1937. Gold prospectors used the hotel as a resting place while traveling in the gold fields, and what else was used as a means of payment but gold nuggets.

  • jurmu

    Juutua is a legendary trout river, 10 km long. Juutuajoki starts from Jurmukoski and flows into Lake Inari.

  • kielas

    Kielas is a narrow upland area on the fells, covered with birch trees and crossing the watershed.

  • savusauna

    A smoke sauna is a traditional wood-heated sauna without a chimney, so the smoke spreads into the sauna room. A birch whisk is part of Finnish sauna culture. The leaves act as a mild soap, and whisking stimulates surface blood circulation.

Aanaar Menu 5

  • jurmu

    Trout ceviche, tomato and cucumber salad, red onion gel, whitefish roe and cabbage broth

Wine: Beaujolais Blanc Piron

Non-alcoholic: Aurora sparkling

  • palsta

    Sundried yellowroots, fermented carrots, black garlic emulsion, green pea flan and beetroot chips

Wine: Desom Pinot Gris

Non-alcoholic: Lime & Thyme Kombucha

  • kielas

    Reindeer filet, Lappish potato puree, cep mushrooms and cep chips, reindeer black pudding, blueberry lichen, blackcurrant and balsamico red wine sauce

Wine: Bedoba Saperavi

Non-alcoholic: Forest Sparkling

  • helmi
  • savusauna

    Birch leaf sorbet, tar bavaroise and licorice stones

Wine: Ainoa Kaste
Non-alcoholic: Raspberry juice

  • Price 92€
  • Wine package 38€
  • Non-alcoholic 28,50 €

Aanaar Vegetarian
Menu 5

  • Metikkö

    Parsnip bark, mushroom spume, pickled mushrooms, spruce shoot kimchi, malt soil, pickled lingonberries and parsley moss

Wine: Ainoa Ilta

Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry juice

  • palsta

    Sundried yellowroots, fermented carrots, black garlic emulsion, green pea flan and beetroot chips

Wine: Desom Pinot Gris

Non-alcoholic: Lime & Thyme Kombucha

  • suven satoa

    Cauliflower in two ways, pickled and roasted asparagus, cashew nuts and almond romesco sauce

Wine: Terre di Tufi Teruzzi

Non-alcoholic: Lemon & ginger rooibos iced tea

  • helmi
  • halla

    Chocolate - “nutella” tart, coconut-vanilla ice cream, lingonberry gel, sesame crisp

Wine: Beerenauslese Rosè

Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry juice

  • Price 75€
  • Wine package 38€
  • Non-alcoholic 28,50€
  • metikkö

    A dialect word used colloquially for 'forest'. For one person, a forest can be a place to find peace, for another, a recreational environment, and for us, especially a source of local food in its many forms.

  • palsta

    The most commonly cultivated vegetables in Finland are carrots and beets. Various types of onions are also often found in people's own palsta, which is the finnish word for small garden.

  • halla

    In the summer months, when the temperature drops below freezing at the vegetation level, the term “halla” is used. Frosty nights are not uncommon at the latitude of Inari, especially in June.


"That was moreish, how about another round?"



  • uoma

    Tilli Gin, angelica juice, tonic

  • jänkä sour

    Aquavit liqueur, Aquafaba, cloudberry juice, lemon juice

  • Juutuan yö

    Raspberry wine, Gustav Vodka, birch syrup lemon juice, birch juice

  • järämä

    Cask Aquavit, spruce shoot juice, cherry tomatoes, lemon lemonade

  • auhto

    Valhalla, angelica vodka, sweetgrass syrup, lime & orange juice, lime & thyme kombucha

  • mella

    Koval Mullet, Amaretto Disaronno, blueberry balsamic, blueberry juice

  • utu

    Jaloviina, Apple & Vanilla liqueur, cep balsamic, oat cream

  • kojamo

    Dark rum, Dry Sack, Tabasco, lingonberry juice, roseroot syrup, ginger beer

Virgin cocktails

  • letto sour

    Cloudberry juice, Aquafaba, lemon juice, yarrow syrup

  • Sahi

    Spruce shoot juice, lemon lemonade, cherry tomatoes, spruce shoots

  • huntu

    Blueberry juice, oat cream, blueberry balsamic