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We craft our menus using in-season northern flora and fauna, and constantly try fresh ways to bring traditional northern ingredients into contemporary cooking.

Nothing tastes better than a locally sourced dinner with the midsummer sun flickering in the splashes of the river. In the winter, a crackling fire in the hearth keeps you warm and cozy as the polar night outside reaches subzero temperatures.

Let us take you on a journey through the pure northern landscape through our dishes.

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From the nature around us

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Food from the forest, drink from the nature

Our menu is built around what is in season and locally sourced, and it changes two times a year to reflect the changes in nature. Have a look through our seasonal menu and book your table with us.

Aanaar menu

Local food from Inari area

Aanaar Menu 3


    Smoked reindeer heart, lingonberries, marinated mushrooms and reindeer bone marrow

Wine: Case Pinot Nero
Non-alcoholic: Blueberry juice


    Fried Lake Inari trout, Lappish potato purée, dill cream sauce and seasonal roots

Wine: L’avi Arrufi Blanco
Non-alcoholic: Aurora sparkling

  • Jänkä

    Cloudberry honey cake, honey comb and beer ice cream

Wine: Ainoa Valokki
Non-alcoholic: Cloudberry juice

  • Price 69 €
  • Wine package 35,10 €
  • Non-alcoholic 22,00 €

    Place of reindeer winter grazing

  • Dápmot - Taimen - Trout

    Most pursued catch of the Juutua river is bright red colored trout. It is a most delicious taste experience of the local cuisine.


    Cloudberry is our superfood. Traditionally, it is eaten with the Finnish squeaky cheese, whipped cream or ice cream. In Aanaar we use it in a wide variety of dishes and also, for example, in tea.

  • Jávreguolli - Järvikala - lake fish

    Whitefish of Inari has lived in pure and deep waters, which makes its meat tasty. Whitefish is one of the most common species of fish to find its way to the local table.

  • bohccobiergu - poronliha - reindeer meat

    Reindeer tallow is reindeer's fat that gives a lot of reindeer flavour to food. Reindeer blood pudding, also known as "kumpus" is delicacy full of energy, and boiled especially during reindeer round-ups.


    Lingonberries are the most important natural berry in Finland. Lingonberries have many health-promoting properties and, especially when grown in the bright northern summer, they are rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Aanaar Menu 5


    Pickled whitefish, whitefish roe, marinated onions and fish cream

Wine: Savoie Apremont Cuvée
Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice


    Fried cod tongue, charred cod cheek, marinated combu and smoked dashi broth

Wine: Saumur Elegance
Non-alcoholic: Kombucha

  • Kuolpuna

    Reindeer smoked with pine, caramelized onionmushroom purée, reindeer black pudding, ceps and lingonberry-red wine sauce

Wine: Rocim Alicante Bouschet
Non-alcoholic: Spruceshoot Sparkling

  • Tepasto - Palate cleanser
  • Mätäs

    Coffee ice cream, berry gel, lingonberry granite and lingonberry merengue

Wine: Ainoa Kaamos
Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry juice

  • Price 89,00 €
  • Wine package 39,50 €
  • Non-alcoholic 28,50 €

Aanaar Vegetarian Menu 5

  • Nili

    Hay smoked beetroots, goat cheese, rye branches, pickled blueberries and cloudberry vinaigrette

Wine: Vogt Pinot Gris
Non-alcoholic: Cloudberry juice

  • Talas

    Smoked tofu, seaweed caviar and marinated combu

Wine: Hewitson Gun Metal Riesling
Non-alcoholic: Aurora sparkling

  • Syyssato

    Roasted parsley roots, pickled beets, blackroot chips and sweet &sour carrot sauce

Wine: Ainoa Silkki
Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry lemonade

  • Tepasto - palate cleanser
  • Kompiainen

    Chocolate sorbet, berry gel, lingonberry granite, oat milk foam and white chocolate chips

Wine: La Rosa LBV Port
Non-alcoholic: Sweetgrass & fireweed juice

  • Price 79 €
  • Wine package 39,50 €
  • Non-alcoholic 28,50 €


"That was moreish, how about another round?"

Sparkling wine and champagne

  • Bosco Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry

    Salgreda, Italy | Pinot Nero, Glera

  • Jané Ventura Cava Brut

    Catalonia, Spain | Parellada, Macabeu, Xarel-lo

  • André Clouet Brut Grande Réserve Demi-Champagne

    Champagne, France | Pinot Noir

  • Champagne Gruet Selection Brut

    Champagne, France | Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay

White wines

  • Passagem branco

    Douro Superior, Portugal | Arinto, Rabigato

  • Apremont Cuvée Gastronomie Perrier

    Savoie, France | Jacquére

  • Saumur Elegance Vieux Pressoir

    Loire, France | Chenin Blanc

  • L’avi Arrufi Blanco

    Tera Alta, Spain | Garnacha Blanco

  • Hewitson Gun Metal

    Adelaide, Australia | Riesling

  • Pinot Gris Vogt

    Alsace, France | Pinot Gris

  • Ainoa Aho

    Hollola, Finland | Strawberry, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon

Rose wine

  • Der verlockende aus der alten Flur rose

    Wachau, Austria | Zweigelt, St.Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wines

  • Passagem Tinto

    Douro Superior, Portugal | Sousã, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional

  • Ainoa Ilta

    Hollola, Finland | Merlot, raspberry

  • Ainoa Silkki

    Hollola, Finland | Blueberry

  • Casè Pinot Nero

    Emilia Romagna, Italy | Pinot Noir

  • Le Petit Baron de Montfaucon

    Rhone, France | Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah

  • Marques de Tosos Gran Reserva

    Carinena, Spain | Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Tempranillo

  • Bedoba Saperavi

    Bedoba, Georgia | Saperavi

  • Rocim

    Alentejo, Portugal | Alicante Bouschet


  • Kajo

    Kyrö Dark Gin, Seabuckthorn liqueur, Carrot juice, Tarragon syrup

  • kINI

    Kaamos Wine, Bivrost Arctic Gin, Glögi syrup, Tonic

  • Aanaar sour

    Blueberry vodka, Aquafaba, Lemon juice, Roseroot syrup

  • Mettä

    Aquavit liqueur, Non-alcoholic stout, Martini Rosso, Cep balsamic

  • Sumppi

    Espresso Vodka, Fireball liqueur, Sweetgrass syrup, Tonic

  • virtaska

    Bivrost Aquavit, Apple & Vanilla liqueur, Plum juice, Orange juice

  • Namu

    Oat & Caramel liqueur, Butterscotch liqueur, Lingonberry, Oat cream

hot cocktails

  • Odin Latte 10,90

    Espresso, Bivrost Asgard, Milk, Brown sugar

  • Winter breeze 9,80

    Loimu gin, Angelica juice, Hot water, Lingonberry

  • Caramel choco 10,50

    Hot chocolate, Creamy oat with salted caramel, Cranberry liqueur

  • Hot ´n lovely 10,50

    Rhum, LBV port wine, Sweetgrass & fireweed juice, Sweetgrass syrup

virgin cocktails


  • Aapa

    Angelica juice, Cloudberry juice, Dark beer (non-alcoholic), Cep balsamic


    Blueberry juice, Aquafaba, Lemon juice, Roseroot syrup

  • Hilla

    Cloudberry juice, Cloudberry jam, Oat cream, Oat milk