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We craft our menus using in-season northern flora and fauna, and constantly try fresh ways to bring traditional northern ingredients into contemporary cooking.

Nothing tastes better than a locally sourced dinner with the midsummer sun flickering in the splashes of the river. In the winter, a crackling fire in the hearth keeps you warm and cozy as the polar night outside reaches subzero temperatures.

Let us take you on a journey through the pure northern landscape through our dishes.

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From the nature around us

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Food from the forest, drink from the nature

Our menu is built around what is in season and locally sourced, and it changes two times a year to reflect the changes in nature. Have a look through our seasonal menu and book your table with us.

Aanaar menu

Local food from Inari area

Aanaar Menu 3

  • meahccevánddardeapmi - walk in the forest

    Smoked reindeer heart, forest flavours, mustard cream and rye (L)

Recommended wine: Ventisei Montepulciano
Non-alcoholic: Crowberry juice

  • dápmoga - trout

    Wild trout, Lappish potato, charred onion land lacto-fermented carrot L, G

Recommended wine: Grauburgunder Pinot Gris
Non-alcoholic: Clodberry sparkling

  • Sarrithersko - Blueberry tart

    Blueberries, "pulla" ice cream, nuts L

Recommended wine: Ainoa Bilberry
Non-alcoholic: Fireweed & sweetgrass juice

  • Price 60 €
  • Wine package 36,50 €
  • Non-alcoholic 17,50 €
  • bohccováibmu - reindeer heart

    Our reindeer meat is locally sourced from area's reindeer herderfamilies. By Sami custom we use all the parts from reindeer. A typical way to eat reindeer heart is dried.

  • Dápmot - Taimen

    Most pursued catch of the Juutua river is bright red colour trout. It is a most delicious taste experience of the local cuisine.

  • Jávreguolli - lake fish

    Pike of Lake Inari has lived in pure and deep waters, which makes its meat tasty - not to mention trout and whitefish of Lake Inari as well.

  • bohccobiergu - reindeer meat

    Reindeer tallow is reindeer's fat that gives a lot of reindeer flavour to food. Reindeer blood pudding, also known as "kumpus" is delicacy full of energy, and boiled especially during reindeer round-ups.

  • muohta - snow

    Did you know that there is a hundred different words for snow in Sami language? Weather has set the pace for a living. Snow for example has enabled migrating after the reindeer by skiing.

Aanaar Menu 5

  • jávreguoli - fish from the Lake inari

    Cold smoked pike, salted and dried trout, pickles and rye bread toast (L)

Recommended wine: Kir-Yanni Assyrtiko
Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice

  • dorskki muođu - cod cheek roll

    Cod cheeks, brioche, brown butter, apple and fennel "caviar"

Recommended wine: Gabrielle Desteeres Cremant
Non-alcoholic: Heather & Goosberry Kombutcha

  • Bohcco min vugiin - aanaar's reindeer

    Grilled reindeer, reindeer fat fried potatoes, reindeer blood dumbling, cep, redwine and lingonberry sauce (L)

Recommended wine: Rocim Alicante Bouschet
Non-alcoholic: Cranberry & Birch “lemonade”

  • Jiekŋanjálggus - sorbet lollipop

    Black tea, ginger, lemon and popping candy

  • Muohtaspábba - Snow globe

    Berry sorbet, sea buckthorn, merengue and yoghurt

Recommended wine: Ainoa Havu (Spruceshoot & Lingonberry wine)
Non-alcoholic: Raspberry lemonade

  • Price 75,00 €
  • Wine package 36,50 €
  • Non-alcoholic 23,50 €


"That was moreish, how about another round?"

Sparkling wine and champagne

  • Gabrielle destrees cremant
  • josep ventosa cava brut
  • bosco prosecco rose extra dry
  • andré clouet brut réserve demie
  • Champagne gruet selection brut

White wines

  • artevino bodegas izadi blanco, Spain

    Garnacha Blanca, Malvasia, Temperanillo Blanco

  • kir-yianni assyrtiko, greece


  • Grauburgunder signature trocken scholssberg, germany

    Pinot Gris

  • desom rivaner premier cru, luxemburg


  • Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner “Classic”, Austria

    Grüner Veltliner

  • soalheiro ag.hora, portugal


  • what the fogt riesling, germany


Rose wine

  • der verlockende aus der alten flur rose, austria

    Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wines

  • artevino rioja vinã Foronda salbide, spain


  • abbe rous pinot noir, france

    Pinot Noir

  • Ventisei vino nobile di montepulciano, italy

    Sangiovese, Merlot

  • xv & barbare vin de turquie, turkey

    Grenache, Mourverde, Syrah

  • rocim alicante bouschet, portugal

    Alicante Bouschet

  • Volpaia castello di volpaia chianti classico riserva, italy


  • hangin' snake shiraz, australia

    Shiraz, Viognier


  • piekanavaara

    Cask Aquavit, lingonberry vodka, roseroot syrup, allspice, lingonberry lemonade

  • veikeävaara

    Kyrö Dark Gin, blueberry lemonade, Ponzu Soy, tonic water

  • Päikkivääri

    Kyrö Dark Gin, cloudberry wine, cep balsamic, tonic

  • mielikki

    Koskue Gin, Dom Benedicte, spruceshoots, green tea

  • jurmurova

    Butterscotch liquer, Bivrost Aqvavit, turmeric juice, apple juice

  • tervakotavaara (smitten)

    Martini Rosso, tar liquer, orange juice, tonic water

  • Pahtavaara

    Blueberry vodka, herbal juice, sweetgrass syrup, oat milk

  • laavuvaara

    Dark rum, Martini Rosso, sweetgrass syrup, cherry juice

virgin cocktails


  • hietasaari

    Turmeric juice, cloudberry juice, roseroot syrup, beer 0%

  • kuusisaari

    Spruceshoot drink, roseroot syrup, spruce powder, mineral water

  • kotisaari

    Angelica juice, cloudberry juice, cep balsamic, tonic

dessert wines

  • ainoa havu, finland

    Honey, Sprucesprout, Lingonberry

  • ainoa valokki, finland


  • sinols garnatxa de l'emporda, spain

    Grenache Gris

  • quinta de la rosa lbv port, portugal

    Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz

  • Quinta de la rosa tawny port 10yo, portugal

    Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz