A la carte

Autumn menu


Wine: Der verlockende aus der alten Flur rose

Beer: Groteski smoked wheat ale

Non-alcoholic: Aurora sparkling

  • Cured Reindeer 18,90 €

    Cured reindeer, lingonberry sauce, marinated roots, truffle seasoned oil, malt brunches

Wine: Ainoa Ilta

Beer: Tornio Red Ale

Non-alcoholic: Spruceshoot sparkling

  • Carrot 15,90 €

    Pickled carrot, chips from fermented carrot, carrot-coriander caviar and carrot-orange gel with feta cream and roasted nuts

Wine: Desom Rivaner

Beer: 1873 Honey Bock

Non-alcoholic: Kombucha

  • Mushroom pie 14,90 €

    Tart with mushroom and port wine pure, fried mushrooms, dried mushroom chips

Wine: Ainoa Ilta

Beer: 1873 Honey Bock

Non-alcoholic: Organic blueberry lemonade

We bake bread every day, so all our food is prepared in a kitchen, where small traces of gluten may be present. You can ask for gluten free bread. In case of any food allergies, please ask for the ingredients of our portions and drinks from the staff. We also use some unusual ingredients i.e. birch.

All meat used on this menu is from Finland.


  • Grilled root parsley 26,90 €

    Two times cooked root parsley, fermented blueberry - sriracha glaze, and blueberry sauce

Wine: LeDomaine du Séminaire Côtes-du-Rhône

Beer: Amber lager

Non-alcoholic: Organic Blueberry lemonade


  • Lake Fish 34,50 €

    Perch terrine on smoked dashi sauce with
    pan-fried carrot and oven-baked summer potato.
    Sea weed CaviArt, parsnip cookie and dried fennel chips

Wine: Schmitges Grauschiefer Riesling

Beer: Arctic Ipa

Non-alcoholic: Kombucha

  • Catch of the day 36,90 €

    Grilled fish served with cauliflower pure, charred potatoes and angelica-spinach sauce

Wine: Vermentino di Sardegna

Beer: 1873 Juhla lager

Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice

  • reindeer (54,5°) 43,50 €

    Reindeer smoked with pine needles, caramelized onion mushroom pure, reindeer blood dumpling, flavored lichen with cep mushrooms and lingonberry red wine sauce

Wine: Ziggurat Montefalco
Beer: Fiskars Metsänhenki
Non-alcoholic drink: Spruceshoot Sparkling


  • Blueberry ice cream 16,90 €

    Caramel chocolate coated blueberry ice cream with
    smoked pine custard

Wine: Martini Rosso

Non-alcoholic: Niitty Sparkling

  • Chocolate and cherry 15,90 €

    Dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate cheesecake and
    cherry puree served with rum marinated cherries

Wine: Quinta de la Rosa LBV Port

Non-alcoholic: Blueberry juice

  • Forest berry sorbet 15,50 €

    Forest berry sorbet, pine bark biscuit, salty liquorish “rocks,” cream infused with pine bark

Wine: Schmitges Erdener sweet Riesling

Non-alcoholic: Sweetgrass & fireweed juice

  • Cheese plate 12,50 €

    Aito Vintage cheddar, Valio Aura Gold, Kappelin Juustola Illusia Brie cheese, berries, garlic honey and pine cookie

Wine: La Rosa Port Tawn 10yo

Non-alcoholic: Spruceshoot sparkling


”My only regret in my life is that I did not drink more champagne.”

White wines

  • Artevino Izadi Blanco

    Rioja, Spain | Garnacha blanca, Malvasia, Temperanillo blanco

  • Desom Rivaner Premier Cru

    Remich, Luxemburg | Rivaner

  • Kissinger Duo N°1

    Rheinhessen, Germany | Sauvignon Blanc

  • Vermentino di Sardegna Su Puddu

    Sardinia, Italy | Vermentino

  • Schmitges Grauschiefer

    Moselle, Germany | Riesling trocken

Rose wine

  • Der verlockende aus der alten Flur rose

    Wachau, Austria | Zweigelt, St.Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wines

  • Artevino Rioja Vinã Foronda Salbide

    Alavesa, Spain | Temperanillo

  • Ainoa Ilta

    Hollola, Finland | Merlot, raspberry

  • Domaine du Séminaire Côtes-du-Rhône

    Rhone Valley, France | Grenache Noir , Syrah

  • Finca Bacara 3015

    Jumilla, Spain | Monastrell

  • Ziggurat Montefalco Rosso

    Umbria, Italy | Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Cabernet, Merlot

  • Joel Gott California

    California, USA | Petite Sirah, Zinfandel

Dessert wines

  • Schmitges Erdener Treppchen 14,40 € / 8 cl

    Moselle, Germany | Riesling

  • Ainoa Valokki 15,00 € / 8 cl

    Hollola, Finland | Finnish cloudberry wine

  • Quinta de la Rosa LBV port 12,40 € / 8 cl

    Douro Valley, Portugal | Tinta Barroca & Tinta Roriz

  • Quinta de la Rosa Tawny Port 10yo 13,40 € / 8 cl

    Douro Valley, Portugal | Tinta Barroca & Tinta Roriz

Sparkling wine and champagne

  • Jané Ventura Cava Brut 61,00 € / 0,75l

    Catalonia, Spain | Parellada, Macabeu, Xarel-lo

  • Bosco Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry 46,50 € / 0,75l

    Salgreda, Italy | Pinot Nero, Glera

  • André Clouet Brut Grande Réserve
    72,00 € / 0,375l

    Champagne, France | Pinot Noir

  • Champagne Gruet Selection Brut 117,70 € / 0,75l

    Champagne, France | Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay