A la carte

Winter menu


Wine: Savoie Apremont Cuvée

Beer: Organic Wheat Beer

Non-alcoholic: Angelica juice

  • Kiekerö 18,90 €

    Smoked reindeer heart, lingonberry sauce, marinated mushrooms and reindeer bone marrow

Wine: Case Pinot Nero

Beer: Pienet Vienna Lager

Non-alcoholic: Local blueberry juice

  • Nili 15,90 €

    Hay smoked beetroots, goat cheese, rye branches, pickled blueberries and cloudberry vinaigrette

Wine: Vogt Pinot Gris

Beer: 1873 Honey Bock

Non-alcoholic: Cloudberry juice

  • Jäämeri 17,90 €

    Fried cod tongue, charred cod cheeck, marinated combusalad and smoked dashi broth

Wine: Saumur Elegance

Beer: Organic Lager

Non-alcoholic: Kombucha

We bake bread every day, so all our food is prepared in a kitchen, where small traces of gluten may be present. You can ask for gluten free bread. In case of any food allergies, please ask for the ingredients of our portions and drinks from the staff. We also use some unusual ingredients i.e. birch.

All meat used on this menu is from Finland.


  • Syyssato 28,90 €

    Roasted parsley roots, pickled beets, blackroot chips and sweet & sour carrot sauce

Wine: Ainoa Silkki

Beer: Spruceshoot Ale

Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry lemonade


  • Kasari 36,90 €

    Fried Lake Inari trout, Lappish potato purée, dill cream sauce and seasonal roots

Wine: L’avi Arrufi Blanco

Beer: 1873 Juhla Lager

Non-alcoholic: Aurora sparkling

  • Kuolpuna 43,50 €

    Reindeer smoked with pine, caramelized onion-mushroom purée, reindeer black pudding, ceps and lingonberry-red wine sauce

Wine: Rocim Alicante Bouchet

Beer: Musta Valssi Dark Lager

Non-alcoholic: Spruceshoot sparkling


  • Jänkä 17,50 €

    Cloudberry honey cake, honey comb and beer ice cream

Wine: Ainoa Valokki

Non-alcoholic: Cloudberry juice

  • Kompiainen 14,90 €

    Chocolate sorbet, berry gel, lingonberry granite, oat milk foam and white chocolate chips

Wine: La Rosa LBV Port

Non-alcoholic: Sweetgrass & Fireweed juice

  • Mätäs 15,90 €

    Coffee ice cream, berry gel, lingonberry granite and lingonberry merengue

Wine: Ainoa Kaamos

Non-alcoholic: Lingonberry juice

  • Cheese plate 15,50 €

    Aito Vintage cheddar, Valio Aura Gold, Kappelin Juustola Illusia Brie cheese, berries, garlic honey and cracker

Wine: La Rosa Port Tawn 10yo

Non-alcoholic: Spruceshoot sparkling