A la carte

Winter menu


  • meahccevánddardeapmi - walk in the forest 14 €

    Smoked reindeer heart, flavours from forest, mustard cream and rye
    L (G)

Wine recommendations: Ventisei Montepulciano 
XV & Barbane vin der Turquie
Beer recommendation: Metsänhenki (Sprucesoot seasoned Ale)
Non-alcoholic drink: Blueberry sparkling

  • jávreguoli - fish from the lake Inari 13 €

    Cold smoked pike, salted and dried trout, pickles and rye bread toast
    L (G)

Wine recommendations: Kir-Yanni Assyrtiko 
Der Verlockended Rosé
Beer recommendation: Loimu Smoky Lager
Non-alcoholic drink: Angelica juice

  • dorskki muođu - cod cheek roll 12 €

    Cod cheek, brioche, brown butter, apple and fennel "caviar"

Wine recommendations: Artevino Bodegas 
Gabrielle Desteeres Cremant
Beer recommendation: Heili Wheat Beer
Non-alcoholic drink: Heather & Goosberry Kombucha

  • guoppariid - mushrooms 14 €

    Mushroom ravioli, pickled matsutake, mushroom garum onion puree and fermented mushrooms L

Wine recommendations: Soalheiro AG.HORA  
Abbe Rous Pinot Noir
Beer recommendation: Tornio Red Ale
Non-alcoholic drink: Crowberry juice

We bake bread every day, so all our food is prepared in a kitchen, where small traces of gluten may be present. You can ask for gluten free bread. In case of any food allergies, please ask for the ingredients of our portions and drinks from the staff. We also use some unusual ingredients i.e. birch.

All meat used on this menu is from Finland.


  • muorjji ja ruohttasiid - berry and root 24 €

    Two ways cooked beetroot, blackcurrant sauce, tofu and fermented carrot juice chips L (V, G)

Wine recommendations: Ventisei Montepulciano
XV & Barbane vin der Turquie
Beer: Arctic IPA
Non-alcoholic drink: Nettle Kombucha

  • sávzza biergu - lamb roast 35 €

    Slowly cooked lamb saddle, charred and roasted roots, potato and lamb bone reduction L, G

Wine recommendations: Artevino Rioja Salbide
Volpaia Chianti
Beer recommendation: Taiga Porter
Non-alcoholic drink: Blueberry “sparkling”


  • anára čuovžža - Lake Inari "siika" 32 €

    Local whitefish, seasonal roots, fennel and almond L, G

Wine recommendations: Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner 
Kir-Yanni Assurtiko
Beer recommendation: Heili Wheat Beer
Non-alcoholic drink: Spruceshoot juice

  • dápmoga - trout 35 €

    Wild trout, Lappish potato, charred onion and lacto-fermented carrot
    L, G

Wine recommendations: What the Fogt Riesling
Grauburgunder Pinot Gris
Beer recommendation: Blonde Ale
Non-alcoholic drink: Cloudberry sparkling

  • bohcco min vugiin - aanaar's reindeer 39 €

    Grilled reindeer, reindeer fat fried potatoes, reindeer blood pudding, cep, red wine - lingonberry sauce L

Wine recommendation: Rocim Alicante Bouscher / Volpaia Chianti
Beer recommendation: Aihki Dark Lager
Non-alcoholic drink: Cranberry & Birch “lemonade”


  • muohtaspábba - snow globe 15 €

    Berry sorbet, sea buckthorn, merengue and yoqhurt L

Wine recommendation: Ainoa Havu (Spruceshoot & Lingonberry wine)
Non-alcoholic drink: Rasberry sparkling

  • biedju - nest 16 €

    Chocolate, cloudberries, biscuit, sugar feathers and mint L

Wine recommendation: Ainoa Valokki (Cloudberry)
Non-alcoholic drink: Cloudberry juice

  • sarrithersko - blueberry tart 15 €

    Blueberries, "pulla" ice cream and nuts L

Wine recommendation: Sinol Garnatxa de l’Emporda
Non-alcoholic drink: Blueberry sparkling

  • vuostatállearka - cheese plate 13 €

    Aito Vintage cheddar, Cashew Blue, Chapel Expressive Illusia, Berry and buckwheat chips

Wine recommendation: La Rosa Port Tawn 10yo
Non-alcoholic drink: Crowberry juice